Around the world, transgender lobbyists have been pushing for ‘Self-ID’ laws to make public life as easy and comfortable as possible for transgender people. In Victoria, Australia, for example, Self-ID allows any male who identifies as a woman to make a statutory declaration saying they are a woman, provide a supporting statement from a second person and in turn, change their legal sex on their birth certificate.

No diagnosis of gender dysphoria is required, nor does one have to undergo sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy to legally change one’s sex. This provides trans identified males with all the legal protections meant for the safeguarding and equality of girls and women.

Some of the consequences for girls and women include

  • change rooms and women’s prisons.
  • Trans identified males can access services meant for women such as domestic violence shelters, support groups and sexual assault clinics.
  • Biological males are already competing in girls’ and women’s sports categories despite the obvious competitive advantage of having a male body.
  • Women-only events (right to assembly) are now in breach of anti-discrimination laws if they exclude trans identified males who are now legally classed as women.
  • Women requesting female doctors for intimate examinations might find themselves at odds with the law if they refuse to be treated by a transgender ‘woman.’
  • Awards, scholarships and funding meant to support the social advancement of girls and women can now be allocated to biological males.
  • If the collection of data around crime, employment, pay and health is to be based on ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex, then the results will be skewed and legislation based on skewed data will be to the disadvantage of women.

In Australia, Self-ID laws are currently in effect in ACT, NT, SA, Tasmania and Victoria, but were successfully blocked by grassroots women’s organisations in New Zealand.

Do you think teenage girls should undress in a public change room with a trans identified male present? Neither do we.

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