Mission Statement

Our mission is to create public awareness about:

  • the problems that arise when transgender ideology is written into law, policy and medical guidelines, and
  • through research and respectful dialogue to find common sense solutions that address the needs of transgender people without infringing upon the human rights and safety of women, children, parents and the LGB community.

We believe that democracy requires an informed public and that Australians and New Zealanders will favour girls’ and women’s human rights over transgender rights where the two intersect to the disadvantage of girls and women.

We also believe an informed public will not support ‘gender affirmation care’ (including puberty blockers, hormones and surgical interventions) as best practice for children with gender dysphoria, or adolescent confusion about their sexuality.

Instead, most will agree that medical transition is a decision that should be delayed until adulthood after a young person has received the necessary psychotherapeutic support to explore the underlying causes of their gender dysphoria.

We also believe that parents have a right to know what their child is being taught at school, and that children deserve a childhood free from confusing gender ideology. We believe that most people will agree that teaching children they ‘may have been born in the wrong body’ is both inappropriate and factually wrong.

Similarly, we believe parents have a right to know whether their child is ‘socially transitioning’ at school and the general public will agree that hiding this information from parents is dangerous for young people who may be in need of psychological support.

Australians and New Zealanders have shown widespread support for and acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual (LGB) community. We believe they will support the rights of same-sex attracted people first and foremost where those rights are diminished by transgender demands.

We believe girls’ and women’s sports are for the female sex and that it is unsafe, unfair and an affront to equality to include biological males in female sport categories. We are certain the majority of Australians and New Zealanders agree with us on this.

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