We believe sexual orientation cannot be changed. Transgender ideology seeks the conversion of same-sex attracted people to ‘same gender attraction,’ coercing LGBs to overlook biological reality.

Transgender ideology has deeply divided the LGBT community. Same-sex attracted people now face persecution and exclusion from within their own community, with many calling the current hostilities ‘homophobia rebranded.’

Transgender ideologists want us to believe that ‘transwomen are real women’ and ‘transmen are real men.’ Based on this thinking, biological sex becomes meaningless and instead ‘gender identity’ defines whether a person’s anatomy is male or female. In this way, biological males who identify as ‘women’ can claim to be lesbians and their male genitalia becomes ‘female.’

Likewise, the definition of ‘gay man’ expands to include biological females who identify as ‘men.’

  • When same-sex attraction is replaced with ‘same gender attraction’ the negative consequences for LGB people include:
  • Lesbian dating apps are overrun with profiles of biological males claiming to be lesbians
  • Gay men have been banned by dating apps for stating ‘biological males only’ in their profiles
  • LGBs are told their same-sex attraction is a ‘genital fetish’ or a ‘genital preference’ and they are ‘transphobic’ and ‘bigoted’ for their sexual orientation
  • A shocking level of homophobic abuse levelled at LGBs on social media and in real life, including all the vile words used in previous decades to shame and persecute LGBs
  • Increasing social isolation for LGBs who now see their bars and events overtaken by transgender people
  • Gay men and lesbian women are unable to organise services and events for same-sex attracted people
  • Bisexual people are expected to have relationships with transgender people
  • A generation of young, gender non-conforming LGBs are being coerced to transition rather than embrace their sexual orientation
  • An Australian not-for-profit organisation meant for the benefit of lesbian women has been forced underground after coming under attack by trans identified males

Interestingly, the same accusations of ‘transphobia’ and ‘bigotry’ aren’t directed at heterosexual people.

We ask heterosexual men to consider how it would feel being pressured to accept a transgender ‘woman’ as a sexual partner, and being told you are ‘bigoted’ if you refuse? Likewise for heterosexual women. We believe this is coercive and a terrible attack on same-sex attracted people.

Do you think lesbian women are ‘transphobic’ and ‘bigoted’ for rejecting the advances of trans identified males? Neither do we.

If you have a personal experience of how transgender ideology has affected you as a gay, lesbian or bisexual person, please share your story.

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